Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Toa of Gudri

In which Gudri's sleep is rudely interrupted 
by tacky pop music blaring from the vicinity
 of LDS University of Choice early on a Saturday morning, 
and therefore decides that the best way for some peace and quiet 
is to spend half a day climbing a mountain that is still covered in snow.

My legs belie the lack of wisdom 
in traversing 8+ miles through either 
thigh-deep snow or mud and vicious scrub brush. 
Snowshoes, hiking poles—they might have helped. 
This climb was all about humility. 
The instances that I fell were so numerous 
I couldn't even guess at the number. 

It was also all about religious philosophy. 
Five and a half hours of deep meditative contemplation. 
I'm starting to wonder what will replace this fixation once Spring semester ends. 
I have a lot of climbing to do, 
and that generally means a lot of thinking as well.
Whatever I pick, it'd better be good.

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