Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm not that crazy

I'm taking the summer off. I need it. My kids need it. 

E— is presently in the ER getting stitches in his right leg. He's been climbing, off-trail, high up, without gear. He slipped on muddy shale and fell 20-30 ft, sustaining a nasty puncture wound just to the left of his shin. When I first looked at it I thought I could see to the bone. Luckily he was with M— and a friend. He called from one canyon as I was about to take L— and B— up the mountain on another trail about two miles away.

I came back down with the two I had with me, sped to the canyon to pick up the other three, and the six of us went straight to the hospital. As we sat waiting for triage B— said to his big brother, "Don't you dare show me that hole of yours."

My heart breaks at how much I love these kids. I'm starting to resent the three weeks I have left of Spring semester.

We all want to climb. I'll never be able to keep myself in the classroom during the summer. So I won't graduate till Fall 2014. So what?

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