Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Mr. Philosophy...

Briefly, regarding the essay I wrote for your Ethics class, I can attest that it is mine. But I'm flattered that Adam felt he should Google passages to verify authenticity. I must have done well to deserve such attention. That is, frankly, a relief, because I can't recall stressing over writing anything as much as I stressed over that essay. 

No joke.

Now that we've established that this is my blog, may I please have my grade?

Thank you,


(There is safety for victims of domestic violence in anonymity. You know who I am.)


  1. It is standard practice to Google sections of writing to check authenticity when the academic norm of Turnitin is unavailable. While it is not my place to judge if it is plagiarism, only the Professor's, I just bring questionable situations up to them. You can see where my hesitation of grading was stemming from. I will take care of it and update your grade.

  2. Thank you, Adam.

    The moral of this story: Patience in posting prevents panic all around.