Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Definitions of Love according to Mr. PND

Mr. Philosophy Numero Dos (there are several in "the hall") overheard a conversation between me and my guy pal, J—, today. We were discussing what we are attracted to. J— likes guys who look like Adonis. As we all know, I'm hopelessly weak in the knees for intellect. Mr. PND doubles back and says...

"Excuse me. I couldn't help but hear you mention attraction. Let me ask you. Do you believe in love?"

I actually had to pause and think about this one. I'm not sure why. I sure as heck believe in Bakers, but love? I finally nodded yes. "Yeah, I'm good with love."

Mr. PND then hands me a flier for the Philosophy Club's evening lecture "Love, Luv, Wuv" and invites me and J— to attend. I don't know if he thought we'd actually follow through. Mr. PDN may have overheard me talking in "the hall" before, professing my love for Ethics, but then again, maybe he hasn't.

J— had to go to work. I, on the other hand, don't believe in coincidence, and if a Philosophy professor feels compelled to double back to invite me to a lecture on "Love, Luv, Wuv" I'm going to go, just as a matter of principle.

I dropped off J— at his house and went home to round up M— and L— who needed mom-time. We sat on the back row, and I quietly folded a lily in the dark while I listened to the history of Valentine's Day, ancient courting and marriage customs, the transmutation of "Love" to "Luv" and further bastardized into "Wuv." The conclusion of his presentation was the statement that at one point love was not affixed to trophy expectations or sickening commercial representations of affection in February. The difference between "Love" and "Wuv" is a commitment to reciprocate kindness, fidelity and affection, to keep one's love safe eternally.

I'm certain Mr. PND had no idea, but I needed that reaffirmation. I needed the reminder that what I asked for and didn't get during marriage numero tres was just that—kindness, affection, and safety. 

I love how God uses philosophers to get His messages through. The reminder of those words that were imprinted on my heart in the Celestial Room in November: "He doesn't love you enough."

I left with my girls, surreptitiously wiping my eyes. Tomorrow, I need to be sure to drop a thank you note off to Mr. PND.

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