Sunday, March 3, 2013

An open letter of forgiveness to my soon-to-be ex

Dear Mr.—

I forgive you for:

Exaggerations of my behavior and misrepresentation of my character
Unkindnesses and neglect unintended and intended
Perceived contemptuousness
Misunderstanding and not appreciating me
Not loving the way that I need a partner to love
Not protecting me from domestic trauma
Burdening my mind and my heart beyond their capacity to bear

I forgive you and release you from these hurts that I've been carrying. 
I give them to our savior, Jesus Christ, and I trust your life, your heart, your actions, your thoughts to Him. 

I wish you only the best.
I desire for you only happiness.
Thank you for all I have learned from you.

Be well, son of God,

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