Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Something Hume would approve of...

I'm hiding from Mr. Philosophy.
Because the last time I saw him in the hallway after class, um Monday, he stopped to talk for a while and he told me how frustrated he was with the high school kids who are taking the class telecourse. I told him I loved the class and he told me he needed to hear that. Then we chatted about Kate Chopin's The Awakening before I told him I needed to study.
Today's lecture it was obvious that he was tying loose ends after someone, maybe many someone's complained at the difficulty of the tests. (Duh! It's Philosophy. It's supposed to be hard.) The explanations were easy enough that the students' inability to understand caused him to get a bit passionate, in a humorous sort of way. One of them said they needed to give him orange flags to hold while he explained. He gestured as if he had them. It was great, but I could tell he was frazzled.
So I emailed. Some funny stuff that I believe is right up his humor alley. And encouragement. All friendly. Purely friendly.

And it was probably completely unethical. (Even though I have all of my divorce papers in and it's just a matter of waiting.)
So I'm hiding.
Second-guessing always comes too late. Ah well. Friday will be interesting.

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