Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday night

M-- and I did a museum run after classes yesterday, and then took in Warm Bodies at the theater (which we loved, but that I wouldn't have loved quite so much if I hadn't been in her company). And we even took an hour and a half to people-watch at the mall so that she could sketch and I could work on this aggravating persona/dramatic monologue piece that's due Thursday.

These are the details that add light to the canvas of my life's work. M-- told me in two years, when she graduates and is ready for art school that she's going to live in a cardboard box in my backyard instead. You know when you take a wet dishcloth and you twist is at both ends until it's a taught, damp double helix? That's my gut when she says these things. In so many ways I want her to stay forever. In just as many more I know that her pinfeathers are beginning to sprout.

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