Thursday, February 7, 2013


"Achievement—The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself."--motivational poster on the wall of a bedroom in a Psych Ward.

The boy who is gay who is attracted to the married man who wants to be a chef who sits next to the woman complaining that the government wants to take away her gun rights and the woman who wanted to stab her husband last night defending the proposed ban because unlike cars, semi-automatics were designed to kill.


There are 5 Mr. Cleans on duty tonight. A new girl came in after two days in ICU. Her wrists are bandaged and she still wears the issued hospital gown rather than the civilian garb the rest of us have received from friends and family in brown paper bags from the outside where life goes on.


Has anyone been outside? Has anyone seen their bleeding shadow? What if the Ground Hog's been committed and is sleeping in isolation to escape his roommate's dream dialogues with Nietzsche? I hear they're both looking for love. Love! A woman here has a 22-year-old daughter who's already been divorced four times. The next time someone asks for my hand I won't answer "No" or "Yes"—I'll ask "Why?"

We are allowed one Diet Coke a day.

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