Thursday, February 14, 2013

10 ways I celebrated V-Day...

1. Saw my therapist for the first time since my discharge. Was told I've done everything I can to save my marriage. That I shouldn't fall for my husband's righteousness guilt trips, and that divorce is necessary to protect my kids..
2. Emailed my husband's ex-wife to wish her a happy birthday, inform her of the impending divorce, and to commend her for making it through 22 years. She emailed back. Twice. I think we may finally be going out to lunch.
3. Ran a mile and a half in 14:35 and didn't puke.
4. Took a philosophy test, and aced the multiple choice. (Awaiting feedback on the short-answer essay.)
5. Scored 20/20 on my anti-love poem.
6. Chilled and discussed philosophy with my uber brill teens over tacos and tots.
7. B-- gave me a Tootsie Pop that he got from one of his classmates because he thought I should receive something for V-Day.
8. Got an email back from Mr. Philosophy, which included questions.
9. Talked to my mom on the phone (this is becoming a daily ritual).
10. Am about to spend a good long make-out session with Hume...

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