Sunday, December 30, 2012

The path that leads us there will be different for each of us...

I have two step-daughters-in-law; one devout LDS, the other a non-denominational Christian member of the Rock Church. They reflect the spiritual choices of their husbands, and I've watched over the last two and a half years as their interactions have paralleled and clashed surrounding those beliefs.

Today, Priesthood and Relief Society combined to discuss the new LDS Church curriculum for Youth. The meeting began by watching this video.

One thing that I love about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that we are lead by a living prophet. Even in the Bible, we watch the leaders of Israel adjust to changes, not in the basic principles of the gospel, but in culture and practice. It happens now. The gospel doesn't change, but approach is being honed to meet the needs of the sheep.

I'm thrilled about the new curriculum. I see it as a positive resource to extend love and guidance to my family, both within the walls of my home and to those who've winged their way from the nest.

While my husband is in the North Country I am taking over his supportive role to my step kids. On Thursday, W—, my non-denominational Christian step-daughter expressed her frustrations at being viewed by other members of our family as unworthy, or less valid an individual because her choices do not match those of my more devout step-children. She and my step-son feel judged by family every which way they turn. I looked her in the eye and told her, "W—, that's not the Jesus Christ I know. We are each on our own path to know Him. You're doing your best. You're doing okay."

I wonder if more of our wayward youth had felt loved in their Church experience, rather than weighed down by preaching what the difference in retention would be. W— and my step-son need love and acceptance, more than they need doctrine right now. That's all they've ever needed. So after I came across this Beautiful Eulogy video last night I quickly emailed W— a link. This is easily my favorite song of the year (sometimes the best things wait it out till the very end to appear), and one that I felt would speak volumes to a Child of God who goes to the Rock Church. My other step-son and his wife would probably not approve. I think that's their loss. But they came to Christ by another path. Who am I to judge?


  1. So the new curriculum - Bobby has been teaching it this past year! Our ward was one of the pilot program wards that participated in this new curriculum. I think it is great! I just want them to now go and change how they are teaching the primary because having studied developmentally appropriate practice for children I can tell you - these books need to be revisited!!! No doubt do they need to be revisited. I think having a manual is sort of like having a crutch - you rely on it too much. I choose not to teach from my manual but to rather tell the story in the scriptures it is searching for then trying our hardest to determine what we can learn from it. We use our scriptures still and we talk about what words mean and ask questions but I think primary needs to be revamped too.....I hope that is next in the looking at!!!