Saturday, December 15, 2012

The bond

Like most parents across the United States, I am grieving for the families of the Newtown, CT shooting victims. I spent most of yesterday avoiding taking in too much information from the media, but by 10:30 p.m. when it was time to leave my children at my ex-husband's and drive south to my own apartment I knew enough that sleep didn't come easily.

Early this afternoon, after spending a good deal of time in tearful prayer on my knees for the peace and comfort of Newtown's families, I went to the temple, where I was prompted to serve proxy for sealings.

Once the ordinances were complete, our sealer lead us to the Celestial Room. I sat in the peace of that room studying marriage and the new and everlasting covenant in the scriptures, praying for further clarification of doctrine and guidance in my personal life, and waiting for inspiration.

And then the most beautiful piercing sound broke the silence: a baby wailing somewhere in those upper rooms, likely discontent in waiting for his or her presentation in one of the sealing rooms below us. 

I know it seems strange, but nothing could have been more comforting to me today.

My prayer is and has been that the Lord will allow the spirits of these lost children to dwell with their families to provide peace, love, and assurance of the eternal nature of their bond throughout the holiday season.

Tonight, I am with my own children. Their dad has traveled north to play band-boy for the weekend, and I am staying with them at his house, spoiled in that I am sleeping beneath the same roof as my angels this evening. These are blessings I hope no one else takes for granted.

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